We combine the authenticity of a trusted analog front end with the flexibility and speed of digital editing and mixing. But the most important element is the location - being in a place that feels comfortable leads to better performances and an overall more positive experience. We encourage anyone looking for a location to record a single song or an entire project to come by and "feel" the atmosphere here.

Our extensive collection of professional synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, controllers, modules and software instruments supply a multitude of options for every style and genre. We use the industry standard, Digital Performer, which combines MIDI with high-resolution digital audio recording and editing for completely seemless integration.

Graphic Design and Layout
TOS offers professional design for CDs, posters, stickers, T-shirts, DVDs, postcards, etc. using a full Adobe Creative Suite, a huge font library and our high-resolution scanner. We have sample layouts available on site for your review, and our experience working with print bureaus and manufacturers ensures your project progresses smoothly from design to print.

Web site design
TOS provides simple, inexpensive site designs for quick turn-around and an immediate web presence. Our designs can include text, graphics, photos, MP3 audio, etc., and we can also assist in domain name registration, web server space, search engine registration and other under-the-hood tasks.